Man, what is it with culture?!

People tell me about their bad cultural experiences far too often - it's part of the job.

Sometimes, there is a genuine and valid point to these stories I hear, in that culturally, some businesses are seriously lacking in cultural positivity, often due to management issues.

But here's the thing - if you've jumped from business to business, looking for that perfect culture fit and still can't find it... maybe you're part of the problem?

Every business has issues. Issues with stock, service, communications, systems, whatever. But isn't it more about how you and your team react to those things that actually make up the culture of the business?

Reflect on how you act when there's an issue at work. Do you get on the phone and chew the ears off anyone who will listen to your complaints? Sneak outside for a smoke and have a whinge? Have a good old "woe is me" conversation to anyone in the business who listen? Or even worse - a client?!

The thing about cultural issues is that they belong to everybody. You're either a contributor, or a fixer. When someone around you has a good old moan or plays the blame game, or wants to drag someone down, how do you react? Do you jump on board and put the boot in? Or do you suggest politely that the person provides solutions instead of problems?

Leaders are created through adversity and how they react to issues.

Leaders generally get the interesting stuff - like promotions and recognition.

Whingers get a new job, somewhere else  - where they can continue to whinge until another new job comes along.


So what are you? A leader? Or a whinger?