In this edition of my dollars and sense salary review we will look at Executive packages as they pertain to the building industry. Again, I’m not relying on any information other than our placements to indicate where salaries are across the board with key executive roles, from Branch and Sales Management to GM and Country Lead.

I feel I need to put a wee disclaimer in place before I start throwing figures around. I suspect some executives will look at my numbers and have a variation of one of two reactions, either “I’m on more than that where I am, or I’m not on that much but I have some great perks. Both of those responses make perfect sense, at best the numbers I indicate here are simply the median placement figure for the role stated, a starting point if you will. I really could pen a whole separate article on exec perks, from equity options to bonus schemes, to competitive vehicle packages and extended holiday allowances, et cetera et cetera. And of course, in the NZ building industry we are enveloped by privately owned enterprises who have free license and tend to be leaner in terms of their base packages, and can offer some superb bonuses, up to 40% of base salary in a recent case – and to the other extreme, the major corporates who have the budget for larger salaries but tend to offer perks instead of the large bonus element. So, I wish it where as simple as Branch Manager 120, National Sales Manager 150, NSMM 200 and GM 250. But its not. Over our last 6 placements at each level the median package looks like this:

  • Branch Manager, Trade/DIY/Hardware - $106,660
  • Regional Sales Manager – $121,000
  • National Sales Manager - $145,000
  • National Sales and Marketing Manager - $172500

I find myself in murky water when discussing General / Country Manager salaries because the variations are so extreme – there’s regional observations that come into play, of course organisation size and number of reports are significant considerations. I can tell you our average salary is 260K but I don’t actually believe that’s a true representation of where negotiations should start. I believe there are too many factors in play to be able to point at just one figure, with the key defining factor being organisation size. I’m of the opinion that a lot of candidates at this level, while the money is certainly key, are interested in a range of other factors when making a decision on a roles, and or a businesses suitability. As an indication however our placements would indicate this breakdown, assuming an industry experienced candidate.

  • Turnover 0 – 30 Million 225K
  • 30 – 80 Million – 275K
  • 80 Million -  325K

Please do feel free to call me at any stage to discuss, confidentially, any concerns or questions about your rem package.