If your primary concern is people, like every renowned business owner the world over, you'll know that a great business starts with great people! You are in the right place - welcome to Construction Search.

The best way to introduce Construction Search is to first share the beliefs that shape our offering. 


  • The talent you seek for your business is available domestically
  • All roles, without fail, can be placed within 6 weeks with a quality employee
  • No excuses; if we take on a role we fill the role. We guarantee it.
  • Relying on placing your own SEEK or Trade Me ads, automated job boards and making direct LinkedIn approaches, will place you in exactly the same realm as your competitors – we believe you deserve more!
Our services are provided across New Zealand. We are regularly filling roles such as General Manager, Construction Manager, Operations Manager, Project Manager, Quantity Surveyor, Site Manager, Estimator and MiTek Detailers.

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A phone-call to our Principal, Chloe on 021 192 1276 will quickly reveal why we are, quite simply, the best choice for your business. Or reach out to us using the form below!

We welcome the chance to meet with you and discuss your requirements confidentially and in person.

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Our Methodology

  1. All construction roles can be efficiently and effectively filled within 4-6 weeks. This is based purely on our track record.
  2. We’re not looking for roles, we are looking to partner with you and build your business's people equity.
  3.  We will provide you with top-quality shortlists, where every candidate is a contender for the role.
  4. The magic happens face to face. Linked In approaches, job advertising, phone interviews, and candidate spamming can damage your industry reputation. 
  5. You can expect a solid, quantifiable return for your recruitment spend, where the talent presented meets or exceeds your expectations.
  6. Our extensive candidate network of top-quality construction professionals will provide huge value in every interaction.
  7. Our targeted approach to selected candidates who are thinking about moving is the best way to avoid the “dutch auction” situations so prevalent with other construction recruitment providers.